Liz Fraser President 2019 webThe club Opening of Greens will take place on Saturday 13th April 2019 at 200pm for 2.30pm. The Format this year will be different in that it will be a Joint Opening of both the Ladies and The Format this year will be different in that it will be a Joint Opening of both the Ladies and Gents Sections which will take place at the same time. President Liz looks forward to welcoming as many members as possible on the day



Helensburgh Bowling Club held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 14th February 2019 at 7.40pm.
The meeting elected the new President for 2019, Mrs Elizabeth Fraser with Mr Roger Jones moving to the Immediate Past President office as well as the other office Bearers for the year.
John Stead was  re appointed as the Treasurer, Mrs Susan Claisse  was elected as the new Ladies Captain with Edouard Claisse being relected as the Gents Captain.. The Directors who continued in office from 2018 were,  Ms Liz Smith, Mrs Sandra Hosie, Mrs Jeny Jones, Mr Allan Howie PP Gents Match Secretary. The new Directors elected for the year were Mr George Sneddon PP Miss Veronica Bell as Ladies Match Secretary, Mr Gary Mackie, Mrs Lesley Healy and Mr Eric Wallace PP.
Immediate Past President Ms Patrica McCallan retired by rotation

The Joint Opening of the Greens (Ladies & Gents will be on Saturday 13th April and will be performed by President Mrs Elizabeth Fraser.

The Picture shows from left to right:
Seated:    Mrs Susan Claisse Lady Captain, IPP Mr Roger Jones, President Mrs Elizabeth Fraser, Mr Edouard Claisse Gents Captain, Mr John Stead Treasure and Miss Veronica Bell BEM Ladies Match Secretary

Standing Rear : Mrs Jeny Jones, Gary Mackie, Lesley Healey, Liz Smith PP, George Sneddon PP, and Mr Eric Wallace PP

Mr Allan Howie PP Gents Match Secretary and Mrs Irene Wallace were unable to attend


Committee 2019 web


The Annual Presentation of Prizes was held in the club on Saturday 27th October 2018.
President Roger Jones welcomed everyone to the Presentation,she gave a special welcome to Honorary President Billy Petrie OBE JP DL, Mr Jim Dickson President from the Dumbartonshire Bowling Association, Mr Brian Carroll President and his wife from the Gareloch Bowling Association, club Ladies Champion Elizabeth Fraser and our Gents Champion George Sneddon with his wife Doreen club Past President Mrs Patricia McCallan and Past President Mrs Annette Garrick who sponsors the Lady Presidents Trophy.
The President also welcomed the clubs Sponsors to the Presentation night, Mrs Kate Brown and her husband David from Investec who sponsor the Ladies and Gents Championships,sponsor Jennifer and David Campbell from the Trophy Centre who sponsor the senior championship and Exorna trophies.Our sponsor of the Gordon Stewart Sets Competition Mrs Noreen Stewart and Robert Plunkettt, Mrs Gillian Paton who along with her brother Stephen Howie sponsor the  A & F Howie Mixed Pairs Trophy and our own Mick and John Stead club sponsors. Mary McIntosh who sponsors the Junior Championship, Ritchie Robertson sponsor of the Patricia Robertson Memorial Ladies pairs, and Mr & Mrs Hugh Murray who sponsor the partmigan Trophy were unfortunately unable to be with us.
Following the Meal President Patricia paid tribute to the members achievements during the year
In Bowls Scotland Alan Air was again a member of the Junior International  team. Our ladies had a most successful year in the Gareloch Women’s Bowling Association, Liz Fraser winning the Senior Champion of Champions, Gordon Stephen MBE who won the GBA Senior Champion of Champions and Alan Air who is a finalist in the GBA Junior Champion of Champions, the Final of which is yet to be played, the club also won the GBA Mixed League. The Ladies also won  the Ladies A League  Trophy.
In the West Of Scotland Bowling Association Susan Claisse and Marion McClenaghan were beaten finalists in the Two Bowl Pairs competition with Veronica Bell BEM and Elizabeth Fraser beaten Semi Finalists in the Four Bowl Pairs Competition
The President then asked that we honour those Ladies and Gentlemen who have throughout this season maintained a consistently high level of bowling, leading to them being successful in winning the competitions which are so keenly contested within the club. The full list of Prize Winners was as follows:
Junior Section 

Colin McIntosh Junior Championship : Wiiner Alan Air   Runner Up  Brandon Mackie Fleming

Ladies Section

The Elizabeth Hamilton Quaich Two Bowl Pairs: Winners: Mrs Annette Christie & Mrs Elizabeth Fraser. Runners Up Mrs Anne King & Miss Veronica Bell BEM

Nominated Pairs:Winners: Mrs Annette Christie & Mrs Elizabeth Fraser.Runners Up: Mrs Marion McClenaghan & Mrs Jill Dacombe.

Balloted Pairs (Patricia Robertson  Trophy) Winners: Mrs Wilma Hannah & Mrs Marion McClenaghan. Runners Up: Mrs Jean Irwin & Mrs Jenifer Jones.                                                                                                                   

Ladies Points (Anna Gall Cup)  Winner Mrs Kath Fotheringham Runner Up Mrs Helen Lawrie

Senior Championship (Ferguson Cup):Winner Mrs Elizabeth Fraser Runner Up Mrs Annette Christie

Lady Captains Trophy (A.F.Forbes Trophy) Winner Mrs Lesley Healy Runner Up Mrs Helen Lawrie

Presidents Trophy (Muirhead Trophy) Winner Mrs Mrs Annette Christie Runner Up Mrs Elizabeth Fraser

Ladies’ Championship (Alan Dunlop Trophy ) Winner Mrs Elizabeth Fraser Runner Up Mrs Annette Christie    

Exorna Trophy (Mixed Singles) Winner Mr Martin Air Runner Up Mr Tom Fleming

Ptarmigan Quaich for Competitor of the Year  Lady:Mrs Elizabeth Fraser & Mrs Margaret Grant. Gent Mr Robert Gray       

Gents Section                                                       

McConnachie Cup (Senior Pairs): Winners George Sneddon & Iain Macleod Runners Up Roger Jones & Robin Cavana.                                          
Matthew Dickie Memorial Trophy (Gents Pairs): Winners Andrew Sneddon & Iain MacDonald Runners Up Alan Air & Allan Howie.               

A. & F. Howie Memorial Trophy (Mixed Pairs) Winners  Miss Veronica Bell BEM & Gordon Stephen MBE.Runners Up Mrs Jill Dacombe & Allan Howie.
Thomson Cup (Gents Points): Winner Tom Fleming                    

Gordon Stewart Trophy (Sets Competition): Winner Andrew Sneddon Runner Up Alan Air

McIntyre Cup (2 Bowl Singles): Winner Alan Air Runner Up Hugh Murray    
Douglas Bowl (Senior Championship): Winner Gordon Stephen MBE Runner Up George Sneddon

Muirhead Trophy (Shots Handicap): Winner Andrew Sneddon Runner Up Alan Air

Captain’s Trophy (Alston Trophy VP as was): Winner Alan Crawford Runner Up  John Stead
President’s (J. Orr Ewing Trophy): Winner Alan Air Runner Up George  Sneddon

Coronation Trophy (Gents Championship): George Sneddon Runner Up Gordon Stephen MBE

Lady Champ Winner WebGents Champ Winner web






Hon President Billy Petrie OBE JP DL, President Jim Dickson from the DBA, President Brian Carroll from the GBA all thanked the club for their invitations, congratulated the club members on their achievements this year and wished the club well in the future.
The Ladies Champions Elizabeth Fraser and the Gents Champion George Sneddon in very humerous speeches  thanked the sponsors for their support to the competitions, the match committee's for organising all the competitions, the greens convenor and his committee for the condition of the greens and the club members for participating without them there would be no competitions.
In closing the President Roger Jones thanked the ladies and gents who have helped with preparation for this evening. Our thanks to our bar staff , and the caterers who served us so well and finally to each of you, for simply being here to enjoy the evening with us. In closing President Roger Jones made a presentation to Jim McBride in recognition of his 23 years service as Secretary of the club. Jim McBride thanked the President and Members for their kind Gift 
The Photographs show: Mrs Kate Brown the Sponsor from Investec presenting the Lady Champion Elisabeth Fraser with her Trophy and  George Sneddon with his Gents Champions  Trophy, on the evening of the Presentation.

Lady Senior Champion Annette Christie with Kate Brown Investec Sponsor              Lady Presidents Winner Annette Christie with Sponsor

                                                                                                                          Annette Garrick

LADY Senior Champ Winner Web

                 Lady Presidents Winner Web
























Presidents Winner Web

                Gents Handicap Winner web

Gents Presidents Winner With Roger Jones                                  Gents Handicap Winner Andrew Sneddon with Mrs Jennifer Campbell


Club AGM 2019

The Club AGM will be held on Thursday 14th February 2019. Office Bearers will meet at 7.00pm and the AGM will commence at 7.40pm.

Members are urged to attend this very important meeting of Club Members to discuss the 2019 Committee and events.

C & D Lilley – Mixed Triples  4th, 5th and 6th September 2018.

The Annul mixed Fours event sponsored by Mrs Christine and Don Lilley took place at the club on  4th, 5th and 6th September 2018. The Format this year was the Mixed Triples playing each other 6 ends. After the section games were completed the qualifiers were Pat Donald, Patricia McCallan and Robert Begg (Skip) along with Eric Wallace Jnr , Marion McClenaghan and Gary Mackie Skip
The final game between the triple of Pat Donald, Patricia McCallan and Robert Begg (Skip) and the triple of Eric Wallace Jnr , Marion McClenaghan and Gary Mackie (Skip) although a very close game ended in victory for the Eric Wallace( his first Trophy at the club, Marion McClernaghan and Gary Mackie skipped Triple