The Annual Presentation of Prizes and Dinner Dance was held in the club on Saturday 29th October 2016.President Eric Wallace welcomed everyone to the he gave a special welcome to our guests at the top table: Honorary President Billy Petrie ,from the Dumbartonshire Bowling Association, Robert Phillips and his wife Marilynn,
 from the Gareloch Bowling Association Mr Eli Dobrijevic and his wife Lynn, our Ladies Champion Wilma Hannah and our Gents Champion, Alan Air along with our Ladies Captain Patricia McCallan, Mrs Annette Garrick who sponsors the Lady Presidents Trophy and our Gents Captain Steve Hoyles and his good lady wife Irene.
Eric went on to say we are delighted to welcome many of our sponsors this evening it is always a pleasure to welcome them to our Presentation night. We are pleased this evening to have with us ,  Jennifer and David Campbell from the Trophy Centre who sponsor the senior championship and Exorna trophies.  Ritchie Robertson, with his daughter Debbie Scobie who sponsor the Patricia Robertson memorial Ladies Pairs, from our Open Gents Pairs Sponsors Toyota we have Mr Ernie Cowan and his wife Andrea our sponsor of the Gordon Stewart Sets Competition Mrs Noreen Stewart and her partner Robert Plunkett. Hugh and Joan Murray who sponsor the Ptarmigan competitors of the year Trophy and our own Mick and John Stead club sponsors who are hosting the sponsors table. Mrs Mary McIntosh who sponsors the Junior Championship was unfortunately unable to be with us
Following the Meal President Eric paid tribute to the members achievements during the year
Honoured Guests, members, ladies and gentlemen, we now come to the main purpose of this evening. If I may, just reflect, for a moment on the club achievements in 2016.
Our ladies had a most successful year. in the Gareloch Women’s Bowling Association they won both the A League and the Senior League. Well done ladies an exceptional year
In the Dumbartonshire Bowling Association competitions our Junior Champion Alan Air won the Junior Champion of Champions.
Our Gents also had another exceptional year in the GBA where we won the Cup League, Senior League, and the Mixed League
We would now like to honour those Ladies and Gentlemen who have throughout this season maintained a consistently high level of bowling, leading to them being successful in winning the competitions which are so keenly contested within the club.
We congratulate all the winners and runners up in their achievement. We also congratulate our members who have not been successful, without their participation there would of course be no competitions, and we wish them all good fortune in the years ahead.
The Secretary led in the Presentation of Trophies and Prizes to the winners and Runners Up with the competition sponsor spresenting their trophies where appropriate.The full list of Prize Winners was as follows:Junior Section: Colin McIntosh Championship Trophy: Winner Alan Air, Runner Up Murray Grant
Ladies Section:    Elizabeth Hamilton Quaich two Bowl Pairs:  Winners  Annette Christie & Elizabeth Fraser, Runners Up Margaret Grant & Irene Wallace:  Nominated 4 Bowl Pairs: Winners Annette Christie & Elizabeth Fraser Runners Up.  Barbara Robertson & Patricia McCallan: Patricia Robertson Memorial Trophy: Balloted Pairs: Winners: Veronica Bell BEM &  Elizabeth Fraser, Runners Up, Marion Lady Champion Wilma Hannah with Mrs Mick Stead webMcClenaghan &Jill Dacombe: Anna Gall Trophy Ladies points: Winners: Sandra Hosie, Jean Irwin and Susan Claisse, Runners Up: Helen Lawrie, Margaret Grant & Annette Garrick. A. F. Forbes Captains Trophy: Winner Barbara Robertson, Runner Up, Norma Campbell: Muirhead Trophy Presidents Trophy: Winner Muriel Galt Runner Up, Jill Dacombe. Ferguson Trophy Senior Championship: Winner Susan Claisse Runner Up: Jill Dacombe. A. Dunlop Trophy Ladies Championship: Winner Wilma Hannah Runner Up, Muriel Galt.
Ptarmigan Trophy Competitors of the Year: Lady Winner Marion McClenaghan Gents Winner Edouard Claisse
Gents Section: Farquhar Cup Gents Triples: Winners Tony Bird, Murray Grant &Alan Air Runners Up,  Ed Claisse, Martin Air and Bobby White . McConnachie Cup Senior Pairs: Winners Roger Jones & Robin Cavana, Runners Up, Walter Jamieson & Bill Reaney. Matthew Dickie Gents Pairs: Winners, George Sneddon & Keith Tait Runners Up, Iain MacDonald & Andrew Sneddon. Agnes & Fred Howie Memorial Mixed Pairs: Winners Claire Dennett & Alan Air Runners Up, Patricia McCallan & Gary Mackie. Exorna Trophy Mixed Singles: Winner Gary Mackie, Runner Up, Roger Jones. Thomson Cup Gents points: Winner Eric Gents Champion Alan Air with President Eric Wallace webWallace Runner Up, Gary Mackie: Gordon Stewart Trophy Sets Competition: Winner Keith Tait, Runner Up, Alan Air. McIntyre Cup Two Bowl Singles: Winner Alan Air Runner Up, Luke Healy. Muirhead Handicap Trophy: Winner George Sneddon, Runner Up Bill Reaney: Alston Captains Trophy: Winner David West, Runner Up, John Pearce. J. Orr Ewing Presidents Trophy: Winner Keith Tait, Runner Up, Hugh Murray. Douglas Bowl Senior Championship: Winner Gordon Stephen MBE, Runner Up, Iain Macleod Coronation Trophy Gents Championship Trophy: Winner Alan Air Runner Up, Nick CudbyPresident Robert Phillips from the DBA President Eli Dobrijevic from the GBA thanked the club for their invitations, congratulated the club members on their achievements this year and wished the club well in the future.
The Ladies Champions Wilma Hannah and the Gents Champion Alan Air thanked the sponsors for their support to the competitions, the match committee's for organising all the competitions, the greens convenor and his committee for the condition of the greens and the club members for participating without them there would be no competitions.
In closing the President Eric thanked the ladies and gents who have helped with preparation for this evening. Many thanks to our bar staff and the caterers who served us so well – and finally to each of you for simply being here to enjoy the evening with us.
The Photographs show the Club Champions Wilma Hannah with Mrs Mick Stead, Alan Air with President Eric with their Trophies and a group of all the Trophy Winners on the evening.

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