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Dorothy & John Bell , Mixed Triples   24th, 25th  and 27th  April 2017

Competitive Bowling started at the club last week with the Mixed Triples competition for the Dorothy and John Bell Mixed Triples Trophy. Play got under way on Monday 24th April and was run in two sections with each team playing each other over a series of 6 end games. The highest up and 2nd Triple in each section would qualify for the Semi Finals of the competition
After the completion of the Section games the clear winners in the Red Section were Mrs P. McCallan, T. Bird and H. Murray with 5 Points and the Runners up on 3 Points Mrs M. Grant, T. Fleming and R. Jones. In the Blue Section the Winners on 6 points were Mrs A. Garrick, G. Tait and R. White with the Runners Up Mrs S. Claissie R. Gray and R. Begg on 4 points which resulted in a Semi-Final pairing and result on Tuesday 25th April  of:

Mrs P. McCallan. T. Bird. H.Murray 2 Shots    v    Mrs S. Claissie R. Gray. R. Begg 6 Shots

Mrs A. Garrick, G. Tait. R. White   2 Shots    v    Mrs M. Grant, T. Fleming. R. Jones 6 Shots    

Bell Winners 2017 WebThe Final played on Thursday over 9 ends paired the successful Semi Finalists, Mrs Susan Claissie Bob. Gray. Robert Begg(Skip) against Mrs Margaret. Grant, Tom Fleming. Roger Jones (Skip)
The Robert Begg Skipped triple put the first shots on the score card to lead 2 shots to 0 after two ends before Roger Jones and his triple levelled the score at 2 shots all after 4 ends. Robert Begg and his triple then edged ahead scoring a single at the 5th end and followed this up with a Trophy winning magnificent 5 shots score in the 6th end and went on to win the trophy by 9 shots to 3.

The photograph shows the winning Triple Bob Gray, Susan Claisse and Robert Begg (Skip)