The Annual mixed Fours event sponsored by Mrs Christine and Don Lilley took place at the club on Sunday 14th May commencing at 1.00pm the Format this year was the Rinks playing each other 6 ends. With one game to play the four of Lesley Healy, Marion McClenaghan , Bob Gray and Walter Jamieson Skip led the field with 3 points, closely followed by the fours of Helen Lawrie, Margaret Grant, Brian Grant and Luke Healy Skip and Wilma Reid, Rona Jay,  Susan Claisse and Eric Wallace Skip both on 2 Points.
Winners 2017 webThe final game saw the Luke Healy win by 10 shots to 3 to climb to 4 points and plus7 shots whilst the Eric Wallace skipped four faced the Walter Jamieson skipped four and the Eric Wallace four scored a resounding victory by 8 shots to 2 to win the trophy with 4 points and plus 12 shots against the Luke Healy fours 4 points plus 7 shots who finished the Runners Up

The Picture shows he Winners: Wilma Reid, Eric Wallace Skip, Susan Claisse and Rona Jay