Ladies Aitchison Triples – Tuesday 22nd  May  2018

Another busy week of competitive bowling at the club, both the Ladies took to the greens to play in the Aitchison Triples competition.

The Ladies played out their Aitchison Trophy Tuesday 22nd May in a Triples format in one of the best days of weather to date. The Competition was played on a round robin basis each team playing each over 5 ends in a total of 5 games for each team. The competition ran to the final game before a winner was certain and the result was decided with the Runners up being Lesley Healy, Jenifer Jones and Jill Dacombe( Skip)  with the clear winners of the trophy, having lost only one game by the odd shot finished on 8 points Irene Crawford, Helen Lawrie and Liz Fraser (Skip)

Aitchison Winners web

The Picture Shows the Ladies winners Helens Lawrie, and Lady Captain Liz Fraser, (Irene Crawford Not Present) with the Trophy