The 2018 series of the Club Finals commenced on Saturday 18th August. One lady member of the club, Lady Captain Elizabeth Fraser achieved an amazing achievement by reaching no less than five Finals, three Ladies Singles and two Ladies Pairs. This along with other double ups meant the finals were spread over the week and into the next week.
Both Champions 2018 webLiz started her run of finals against last years Champion Annette Christie  and started very well racing into a significant lead. Annette never quite recovered from this and Liz went on to comfortably secure her first Ladies Championship (Alan Dunlop Trophy) success at the club by 21 shots to 8.
In the Gents Championship (Coronation Trophy) Final nine times previous winner George Sneddon came up against  Gordon Stephen MBE . Both players started well before George built up a lead which he maintained to win his 10th Championship, a club record by 21 shots to 8 and create a record of 10 Championship wins at the club..
The Ladies Senior Championship (Ferguson Cup) again paired two close friends and allies when Helen Lawrie faced Liz Fraser. Both players started the game well before Liz took the lead which she built on steadily to secure her second Senior Championship in a row by 21 shots to 8.

Picture (Left)Shows Ladies Champion & Senior Champion Liz Fraser and Gents record breaking Champion George Sneddon
The Gents Senior Championship (Douglas Bowl) again brought together George Sneddon andSenior Champion web Gordon Stephen MBE in a final this year. Gordon started the game well and built up a lead before George came into the game. Gordon responded playing some great bowls and went on the win his first senior Championship by 21 shots to 15.


Picture (Righ)t Shows Gents Senior Champion Gordon Stephen MBE




Lady Presidents Winner Runner Up

The Ladies Presidents (Muirhead Trophy) Final again brought together Annette Christie and Liz Fraser for the third time in this years club finals. On this occasion Annette started better and held her lead although Liz put up a great fight again and the score was closer than their previous games before Annette emerged as the winner by 21 shots to 14.
Old adversaries George Sneddon and Alan Air again met up in the Gents President’s(J. Orr Ewing Trophy) Final which proved to be another cracker of a game. Alan sped into the lead playing great bowls. George however was not in the mood for giving up easily and fought back to bring back to a close contest with both players were playing excellent bowls. Alan then reasserted himself and ended up a worthy winner by 21 shots to 15

Picture (Left) Shows Lady Presidents Winner Annette Christie with Runner Up Liz Fraser

  Andrew Sneddon and Alan Air battled it out in the Gents Handicap (Muirhead Trophy) Final. MeetingsGents Muirhead Winner web between these two are always close, as it proved to be here again with every shot being hard fought for. The scores were so close early in the game before Andrew edged in front playing excellent bowls and went on to a well deserved victory by 21 shots to 10

 Picture (Right) Shows Muirhead Winner Andrew Sneddon

Alan Air and Hugh Murray faced each other in the (McIntyre Cup) Gents two Bowl final. Andrew started very Gents Presdidents Winner Webwell indeed with Hugh struggling in the early stages before he staged a comeback to make the score closer. Andrew reacted to play some excellent bowls and ultimately ended up the victor by 21 shots to 10.

 Picture(Left) Shows Alan Air McIntyre Cup Winner




In the Ladies Captains (A & F Forbes Trophy) Final Lesley Healy a newer member to the club, faced Helen Lawrie. Helen held the lead in the early part of the game. Lesley rallied with a great fight back and although there was never much in the game, she edged in front and held on to win by 21 shots to 18 a great achievement in her first year as a member

 Picture Below Shows Helen Lawrie Ladies Captains Runner Up. Liz Smith Secretary and Lesley Healy Ladies Captains WinnerLadies Captains Fimalists web

John Stead faced Alan Crawford in the Gents Captain’s (Alston Trophy) Final. Both players in this game started well with Alan in the mainGents Captains Finalists web keeping his nose in front although the score was close. Towards the end of the game Alan played some really positive bowls to change the heads and went on to win the Trophy by 21 shots to16 to secure his first singles trophy at the club, much to the delight of his local family as well as his family from Australia who had travelled and watched the game

Picture (Right) Shows John Stead Gents Captains Runner Up, Ed Claisse Gents Captain and Alan Crawford Gents Captains Winner

The Ladies Nominated Pairs was played between Annette Christie/ Liz Fraser and Marion McClenaghan/ Jill Dacombe. The experienced past winners of this Trophy Annette and Liz soon went in front in this game but not without a fight from Marion and Jill who kept the gap in scores in check before Annette and Liz pulled away to win by 17 shots to 10 and make it 5 wins in a row in this competition.

The Gents Pairs (Mathew Dickie Memorial Trophy) final featured father and son George Sneddon (substituting for Iain MacDonald who was unwell) and Andrew Sneddon against Alan Howie and Alan Air. This was a very close game with both pairs holding the lead at various points in the game. Ultimately the winners were not decided until the last end with the father and son team being the winners.

The Mixed Pairs Final (A & F Howie) Memorial Trophy) saw Veronica Bell BEM/ Gordon Stephen MBE face the pairing of Jill Dacombe / Allan Howie. This was another closely contested game with both pairs taking the lead at some point before Veronica and Gordon edged in front to win the trophy by 21 shots to 15

Junior Championship Winner Web

The Gents Under 25 Championship (McIntosh Cup) final paired the previous winner and very experienced Alan Air against very young Brandon Mackie – Fleming. Alan clearly had the advantage in this one but young Brandon showed he can take that and gave the audience plenty to smile about with his approach and attitude to Alan having a comfortable win by 16 shots to 8 to make his total wins in this competition to 9.

The Picture (Left) Shows the Gordon Stewart Winner Alan Air


The Ladies Two Bowl Pairs (Elizabeth Hamilton Quaich) again featured Annette Christie and Liz Fraser 2 Bowl Pairs Winners Webwho played against Veronica Bell BEM and Anne King. This was a very close game with Annette and Liz taking an early lead however Veronica and Anne kept well in the game before losing by the very close margin of 19 shots to 16.

 The Picture (Right) Shows the Two Bowsl Pairs Winners Liz Fraser and Annette Christie













 Gents Senior Pairs Winner WebThe (McConnachie Cup) Gents Senior Pairs brought together experienced bowlers Roger Jones & Robin Cavana against previous winners Iain Macleod & George Sneddon. George and Iain got off to a good start with Roger and Robin trying hard to keep in the game. Try as they may George and Iain held on win win by 16 shots to 8.

The Picture (Left) Shows the Senior Pairs Winners George Sneddon and Iain Macleod


The Ladies Ballotted Four Bowl Pairs (Patricia Robertson Memorial Ballotted Pairs Winners WebTrophy) featured Wilma Hannah and Marion McClenaghan against Jean Irwin and Jenifer Jones. Wilma and Marion started very well with Jean and Jenifer trying hard to keep in touch with them. In the event Wilma and Marion went on to secure victory by 21 shots to 5.



The Picture (Right Shows the Ballotted pairs Winners Wilma Hannah and Marion McClenaghan

Gordon Stewart Winner webThe Gents Sets Competition (Gordon Stewart Trophy) again brought together old adversaries Andrew Sneddon. And Alan Air. This Final is played over 5 sets comprising of 7 ends. Alan won the first set by 7 shots to 5 with Andrew winning the second and third set by 7 shots to 3 and 7 shots to 2 respectively. Andrew was now on a high and went on to secure the Trophy in the fourth set by 7 shots to 5.

The Picture (left) Shows the Gordon Stewart Winner Andrew Sneddon


The Exorna Trophy, the Mixed Singles competition open to Ladies and Gents knocked out of the main Championships brought together Martin Air, who had figured in this final previously, and relative new memberExorna Winner Web Tom Fleming. On this occasion Martin’s experience showed and he emerged as the winner with Tom the worthy Runner Up.
The picture shows Jennifer Campbell (Sponsor) and Martin with the Trophy









The Anna Gall and Thomson Cups, The ladies and gents points trophies which are played over several weeks during the later point of the season also reached there conclusion with Kathryn Fotheringham and Helen Lawrie finishing joint winners of the Anna Gall Ladies trophy and Tom Fleming the winner of the Gents Thomson Cup
The pictures show (Left)Kathryn and Helen along with the Ladies Captain Liz Fraser and the Trophy and (Right)Tom Fleming with the Gents Captain Ed Claisse and the Trophy.Gents Points Winner WebLqadies Points Winners Web









The Partmigan Trophy is awarded to ladies and Gents who take part during the year in the Mixed Competitions who receive points for taking part with the finalists being awarded additional points for the Winners and Runners Up in each competition. This year two ladies Margaret Grant and Lady Captain were Joint winners of the ladies and Robert Gray was the Gents winner.
The Picture Below shows the Lady winners Liz Fraser, Lady Captain Liz Smith(Presenting) and Margaret Grant  with the TrophyPtarmigan Lady Winners Web